Life in the times of the Corona Pandemic – I

That day I woke up to the chirping of birds. I had not heard so many birds singing outside my house since I don’t know when. And then there was another sound which made the morning very pleasant…….silence. No cars honking, no screeching of tires, no cacophony of people fighting with each other. Ever since... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – III

Shackles? The word resonated inside my head a couple of times, going around till it became a distant echo. They also had a piece of rope around their neck. Their hands were tied behind their back with ropes which cut into their skins, revealing the bones. The children shifted uneasily, in pain. Their clothes were... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – II

The Sun had finally gone, plonked into the sea as a ripe apple falls from the tree, leaving the world in relative darkness. The moon rose from the east, a white, cold disc of cheerfulness, shining a weak light over the ocean, and the forest adjoining the retreat. A few lights from the hotel twinkled... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – I

The breeze was warm and moist, and carried a plethora of smells as it blew across the beach - it smelt of fishes, trees, wet sand and brine. It rustled the shrubs which bordered the beach and swayed the trees which stood solemnly at a distance from the hotel where we were staying. An occasional... Continue Reading →

Golu Tea Stall

We strolled hand in hand, on the nearly deserted mountain road, in the evening. We had come to Kasauli, a small town nestled in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, for our vacation, after I completed my training from the medical college. Kasauli is a perfect mountainous getaway. It has a population of barely a few... Continue Reading →

Why We Still Need God!

  We were returning after conducting an examination in another city. The small cavalcade of cars sped along the highway in the gathering dusk, their headlights bobbing up and down, slicing the darkness ahead and occasionally catching a stray animal in its glare. All of us were eager to get back home and deposit the... Continue Reading →

Up In The Mountains

The clouds had started gathering overhead and a cool wind blew, as we started our drive again after the tea break at Haldwani. One could see the mountains in the distance, beckoning, as the road meandered along the route to Kaathgodam, the next town on our way to Naukuchiataal. Nearing Kaathgodam, the tentative patter of... Continue Reading →

The Trip Back

The words fluttered and flew in the wind. They ran up and down and round and round like kittens chasing their tails. Some went quickly, some lumbered along, some flitted around, powered by the vapours of whiskey and smoke rings from the cigarettes. They would often peep out of the windows of the car, only to... Continue Reading →

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