The Legend of Shankara – 1: A Prodigy is Born

The tall ascetic stood erect, a trident in his right hand, his matted locks reaching his waist. His hair was wet with the waters of the divine stream that trickled from his head, and washed his feet before making its way earthwards. The ferocious serpent that he wore like an ornament in his neck, hissed... Continue Reading →

Sleep-Wake – 3

A feather flutters in the wind close to me, as I walk towards the well. It is white, and blue, and indigo, and iridescent blue. It is a peacock’s feather, shiny, magical, like the one which the dark-skinned God, Krishna wears in his hair. It flutters and shimmers and entices me. I run towards it... Continue Reading →

Sleep-Wake – 2

The wind blows across the open ground, howling, creating small eddies of dust. I kick the stones on the ground, then run after them, barely avoiding slipping on the scales of mica that lie littered across the field. They shine, like scales of fish, and are as slippery, a thing of wonder to a child’s... Continue Reading →


Sleep, wake. Sleep, wake. Sleep, wake. That is how life goes, from day to day, day to night, night to day. Life exists in binary; sleep-wake, happy-sad, alive-dead, yin-yang. Sometimes we are asleep even when we are awake, and sometimes we wakeup when we sleep. Both the worlds are real – sleep world and waking... Continue Reading →

And then I woke up……

(Continued)..... The color of the sky, which had turned from orange to crimson some time back, is indigo now, the color of the ink I have seen my father use in his fountain pen. The ink spills, spreading across the sky, darkening it, blotting out the light, the crimson glow. The chirping of the birds... Continue Reading →

And then I woke up……

I am young again, very, very young, a child. It’s an open field, and darkness descends. Birds are returning to their nests in the surrounding trees, making a lot of noise, happy noise. They are happy to be back home after the day, safe, without having been eaten by any predator. Safe with their loved... Continue Reading →

Young Love

What does it take to love? A look? A smile? A touch, the bat of an eyelid, the careless flick of hair? The fabric of her cloth which flutters in the wind? The way her lips curl when she smiles? That one tooth of hers which is crooked and stands out when she laughs, throwing... Continue Reading →

A Joker lurks inside us

Insanity! Such a small word, and yet so powerful. So lightly used by those who do not realize its import, and so devastating for those who live it. What is insanity? A different point of view can be insanity. A different outlook? Inability to adapt to the society at large, is that insanity too? Maybe... Continue Reading →

Review: — geetlovebook

#Review #blog #wordpress Book- The Battle of Panchavati and other stories from India scriptures AUTHOR- Divya Narayan Upadhaya This book is a collection of Indian mythology stories. The book consists of seven stories . I pick this book couse of it’s cover page . I thought I’ll go through some unknown fact of mythology but […]Review:... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Panchavati and other stories from Indian scriptures by Divya Narain Upadhyaya — Writings and Book reviews

The Battle of Panchavati and other stories from Indian scriptures by Divya Narain Upadhyaya My Ratings- 4/5 stars It’s a short book that can be read in few hours. It’s collection of seven stories based on Indian Scripture. Like author, I am also fascinated by stories from ancient India, mythology and scripture. The first one […]The... Continue Reading →

Book review — Bookish World

Hello Guys , Welcome back to my blog… I hope you all are safe and good… Today I’m here with another review… The battle of Panchavati and other stories from Indian scriptures by Divya Narain Upadhyaya.. It is a collection of 7 different stories from Hindu mythology. There are stories which are related to God […]Book... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Battle of Panchavati and other short stories from Indian Scriptures — Indian Bibliophile

Title : The Battle of Panchavati and other stories from Indian Scriptures Author : Divya Narain Upadhyaya This book is a collection of short stories from the great epic “The Mahabharata”, “The Ramayana” and several other Indian religious texts and mythologies. The title of the book is astounding and perfect for the content of the […]Book... Continue Reading →

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