This blog was born several years ago out of my desire to tell my story. My previous attempts to get published the conventional way had not yielded commensurate results and had led to some heartburn. I quit writing for a considerable period of time, before friends, and one very, very smart cousin advised me to try blogging. Being a doctor by profession, we are a little less likely than the average population to be amenable to technology, and hence it was some time before I could actually start educating myself on what a blog was, how to start one etc. Then, a couple of years ago, I mustered enough courage to start this blog, but it died in infancy due, partly, to my lethargy and ignorance.

This year as I sat with a friend of mine, discussing current events, politics, religion and other issues in general, it was myself who suggested that he start a blog. So it came to pass that he started the blog and I agreed to contribute as an author. It has been almost a year now, and that blog is doing fairly well (I would think!). It is the continuous writing for that blog and the appreciation that I got for my posts which led to my thinking about this infant of mine whom I had abandoned. So I revived this blog, and here we are.

Hope this one gets the same love and appreciation (and cusses) that the last one got. The author is the same, the menu is the same, the recipe is the same, only the dish in which it is being served has been altered. Here’s wishing everyone a delectable reading experience….:)


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