Of endings and new beginnings

Suddenly I have nothing left to say. The last series of blogs is done and dusted, finished, the end, and all of a sudden, I do not know what to write anymore. It is like losing a favourite pillow; you can’t sleep anymore. But this is the way of nature, of vidhi as they say in Indian philosophy. Vidhi can be roughly translated to natural law. In recent times it has come to mean only ‘law’ but the former meaning suits it better. Vidhi is what drives the concept, the idea of karma, of causality, of actions having consequences, even beyond the cycle of birth and death. It is like carrying over your quota of mobile data from one monthly cycle to the next…..and it accumulates over a period of time.

It is vidhi which ensures change, movement, death, birth, cycles, creation, evolution, destruction. Tulsidasa the great Indian poet, who wrote the immortal epic Ramacharitmanas, the story of Rama, the god king of Ayodhya, makes Rama say in the epic that vidhi is very powerful, and whatever it ordains is difficult to change. Even though we must make an effort to do the right things, we must also have the fortitude to accept the things which we have not foreseen, or which are unplanned or unwanted.

And thus it must happen that my series must come to an end, and another must take its place. Even though I had found my momentum with this series of blogs, Varanasi Again, had found my balance, my Ikigai so to say, I must accept that this will end too, and must move on, prepare to write another one. And though vidhi has ordained that the blog series I loved so much must end, it has left a small escape route for me, a small concession, a small mercy. It has reminded me that I have an unfinished agenda, an unfinished series, which must be attended to. It will not be easy, Vidhi whispers in my ear, but it will be gratifying.

I nod my head, and accept her pronouncement, for what I else can I do. And yet, I do see the opportunity here. I must finish what I had started once, it tugs at my heart, at my soul, at my conscience. It is a story left untold, and ALL stories must be told, else they will not let me sleep, will not let me be at peace, they must be let out, must be typed out, must be made known to you, my readers…….

It is the series on Adi Shankara which I had started long back and which I could not finish. I will work on it again, and bring the series back to life. But it will take time, maybe I can tell other stories before I am ready with the series……who knows? Maybe vidhi does, maybe she does not……

A new start awaits from the next blog. See you, my friends….

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By Divya Narain

Additional Professor in Plastic Surgery, doting father, loving husband, newbie author. Love travel and literature. Love reading religion, politics and history!

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