The Reunion II: Getting ready!

Oh No! What have I done? The story I started telling has now started telling itself. By some divine intervention, life has stirred within it, like it stirred on the barren earth billions of years ago, and the vitality, the life force is growing with each passing hour. Words keep forming, emotions that had lain…… Continue reading The Reunion II: Getting ready!

Taking Chance A beneficial spinoff of the Corona pandemic induced lockdown has been that I have been able to catch up on some great movies in the free time that most of us have been forced to endure. Although there were several remarkable movies I saw recently, the most memorable one that comes to my mind…… Continue reading Taking Chance

Life in the times of the Corona Pandemic – I

That day I woke up to the chirping of birds. I had not heard so many birds singing outside my house since I don’t know when. And then there was another sound which made the morning very pleasant…….silence. No cars honking, no screeching of tires, no cacophony of people fighting with each other. Ever since…… Continue reading Life in the times of the Corona Pandemic – I