Happy Bakrid – A Kid’s Story

My mother and I had lived in the backyard of that house for as long as I remember. I do not know how or why we came to be there, but I liked it there with my mother. I often asked my mother how we came to be there and how long would we be... Continue Reading →


How to Kill A Tree

The tree had stood there for centuries. It belonged to a time before time. It had seen the Mughals come and go, seen the English rulers ravage the countryside and then witnessed the liberation of the country and the changes that independence brought about. It had seen the small town grow to a city and... Continue Reading →

Tiger Zinda Hai: Barely!

Family movies these days are difficult to come by, especially ones that you could watch with your kids and not have to answer uncomfortable questions. So when we came to know that the Salman Khan starrer ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was playing at a theatre near us, all of us bundled into a car and drove... Continue Reading →

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