Motorcycle Nation

I have a peculiar aversion to motorcycles, the reasons of which are not particularly difficult to fathom. It is not only the sheer numbers of these ‘hell horses’ and the way people drive them,  but also the noise they create and the number of road traffic accidents they cause and the death and disability that... Continue Reading →



When Raghav was wheeled in to the emergency room, he was barely conscious. Between lurches of delirium all he could remember was turning a bend in the road while riding his motorcycle when he was blinded by a pair of headlights. The next memory he had was that of noises, lots of noises, and movement,... Continue Reading →

The Trip Back

The words fluttered and flew in the wind. They ran up and down and round and round like kittens chasing their tails. Some went quickly, some lumbered along, some flitted around, powered by the vapours of whiskey and smoke rings from the cigarettes. They would often peep out of the windows of the car, only to... Continue Reading →

Another Day in The Clinic

One day as I left the outpatient consultation area, I almost banged in to a couple who were rushing in the opposite direction. ‘Doctor saab, please have a look at my child. He has been running a fever for the last one week and has not eaten anything.’ I hesitated and turned to look closely... Continue Reading →

Tiger Zinda Hai: Barely!

Family movies these days are difficult to come by, especially ones that you could watch with your kids and not have to answer uncomfortable questions. So when we came to know that the Salman Khan starrer ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was playing at a theatre near us, all of us bundled into a car and drove... Continue Reading →

Ganapati: A Microsurgeon’s God

Microsurgery is a young speciality, being not more than forty or fifty years old. It is the surgery of the structures too small to be seen by the human eye. The magnifying loupe or the operating microscope is the microsurgeon’s constant companion, operating without them is a near impossibility. Microsurgery was born sometime in the... Continue Reading →

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