The Reunion IX: 26th December 2019

I woke up early next morning, and all of us got ready quickly. We were excited. Today we were going on a tour of the city temples. The temples which we had been visiting frequently all the time that we were in Banaras – Durga Kund, Sankat Mochan and VT, or Vishwanath Temple, otherwise known... Continue Reading →

The Reunion VIII: Dinner and drinks

The evening had turned to night now, cold and young. Liveried waiters moved around with delicious snacks and drinks. The women sat together on sofas around glass-topped tables and chatted. Children ran around the hall, not paying attention to the stares from concerned parents. We, the men, stood within serving distance of the bar and... Continue Reading →

The Reunion VI: Varanasi, At last!

The long corridor was dark at places and illuminated with naked tube lights at others. The floor was mosaic, sometimes Kota stone, and had been wiped clean with a disinfectant solution. A few cobwebs hung from the roof, in the corners, and the few shuttered window frames which lined the corridor. A strange smell, putrid... Continue Reading →

The Reunion V: In Jaunpur

The bumpy ride and the horns blaring from all sides signaled that we were inside Jaunpur. Appu was constantly on the phone, talking to Teju and conveying the directions to our driver. Presently, the bus coughed to a stop by the side of a road with huge potholes. As I scanned the area from inside... Continue Reading →

The Reunion IV: On our way!

Couple of hours later, the sun was up and shining through the windows of the bus and the ambient temperature had climbed within the range of comfort. The cabin of the bus was cozy now, and filled with happiness and laughter, helped, no doubt, to some extent by the beer which we had opened up... Continue Reading →

The Reunion III: The journey begins!

We filed out, wrapped and packed, lugging our luggage along. It was bitterly cold, and the sun was still not completely out. We stood there near the gate of our house, watching the Traveler sputter to a stop, as the driver, Pappu, opened his door and jumped out. A ‘gamcha’, or cotton towel, was wrapped... Continue Reading →

The Reunion II: Getting ready!

Oh No! What have I done? The story I started telling has now started telling itself. By some divine intervention, life has stirred within it, like it stirred on the barren earth billions of years ago, and the vitality, the life force is growing with each passing hour. Words keep forming, emotions that had lain... Continue Reading →

The Reunion I: The beginning

Twenty-five years! That’s how long it had been, twenty-five years, since we had first set foot upon the campus of Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. When we went to join the medical school, we were young men and women, little more than kids, fresh out of schools, still wet behind the ears and... Continue Reading →

Taking Chance

A beneficial spinoff of the Corona pandemic induced lockdown has been that I have been able to catch up on some great movies in the free time that most of us have been forced to endure. Although there were several remarkable movies I saw recently, the most memorable one that comes to my mind is... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – III

Shackles? The word resonated inside my head a couple of times, going around till it became a distant echo. They also had a piece of rope around their neck. Their hands were tied behind their back with ropes which cut into their skins, revealing the bones. The children shifted uneasily, in pain. Their clothes were... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – II

The Sun had finally gone, plonked into the sea as a ripe apple falls from the tree, leaving the world in relative darkness. The moon rose from the east, a white, cold disc of cheerfulness, shining a weak light over the ocean, and the forest adjoining the retreat. A few lights from the hotel twinkled... Continue Reading →

The Ocean Whisperer – I

The breeze was warm and moist, and carried a plethora of smells as it blew across the beach - it smelt of fishes, trees, wet sand and brine. It rustled the shrubs which bordered the beach and swayed the trees which stood solemnly at a distance from the hotel where we were staying. An occasional... Continue Reading →

Book Launch Event

Happy to announce the book launch event of 'The Battle of Panchavati and Other Stories from Indian Scriptures' at the Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, New Delhi on the 6th of July, 2019. The event is being hosted by Jashn Event Managers and the Chief Guest is My Sushil Bharti, Director, Broadcasting, Marwah Studios, Film City... Continue Reading →

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