The Ocean Whisperer – I

The breeze was warm and moist, and carried a plethora of smells as it blew across the beach – it smelt of fishes, trees, wet sand and brine. It rustled the shrubs which bordered the beach and swayed the trees which stood solemnly at a distance from the hotel where we were staying. An occasional plastic bag or piece of paper would flit across the patio where I sat, running round and round, aimlessly, till the wind blew it into some nook from where it could not escape. I sat and I listened to the ocean and I smelled the breeze, letting the wind soothe my tired limbs.

We had come to Goa for a holiday and had checked into one of the hotels with a private beach. The suite that we were occupying stood away from the main property and looked out onto the beach. Sitting out on the porch, facing the sea, it was easy to forget the world and let the ocean immerse you. Vaishali and the kids were tired after the day’s activities and had tucked themselves in early. It was not yet dark. I could hear the faint snores from the inside the bedroom, reminding me that all was well with the world.

After  I watched them fall asleep, I had taken a long, cold shower and had headed out of the suite to sit on the porch, sip my beer and watch the sun go down. I had guessed, I would give the family a couple of hours of rest before waking them up for dinner. The beer bubbled cheerfully as I opened the bottle and poured it into the tumbler. The effervescence of the beer always cheered me up, it was a sign of good times to come.

The sun stood poised on the horizon, over the water, unwilling to set. It had turned dark yellow, then orange and then a rich amber colour. Darkness had slowly started to creep in from the sides, emerging from the deep shadows of the forest that stood at a distance, and crawling across the beach, rising up from the sands, ascending into the skies, turning the skies indigo. It also crept into the waters of the ocean turning them dark. Only the surf shone bright as the waves hit the shores on regular intervals. As I watched, the sun finally made up its mind and dipped into the waves, leaving the horizon a deep amber colour. The moon rose from the east, trying to dispel the darkness that had suddenly enveloped the sky after sunset…………(To be continued)


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